QMG Stone supplies different types of natural stones and engineered quartz. Our materials can be used for internal and external floor and wall applications, table tops, kitchen tops and counter tops.



Once the right material is being chosen, we will proceed with installation. Materials usually come in large slabs that are not ready for immediate installation. Thereafter, the countertop will be cut to that size at our own factory.

Once the countertop is cut, the fabricator will implement the finishing. Shaping the edges is an essential step for both durability and appearance. Furthermore, fabricator needs to join the edges and polish the surface to either matt or polished finish. All of these steps can affect both the appearance and the functionality of the countertop.

Regardless if you are opting for quartz, dekton, marble or granite, it is important to choose the right fabricator as a good fabricator will achieve the shaping and installation remarkably.



QMG Stone takes installation seriously by ensuring a faultless installation of quartz countertops. Our dedicated professionals are trained to perform efficient and timely installations to meet the detailed specifications and needs of our customers.